Saturday, 2 April 2011

Art projects and Fires in Winter.

Happy weekend!
I haven't posted much art at all. For a long while. So here is my project :)
 ^That is what my project looked like a few weeks ago...
^And that is what it looks like now. I'm pretty happy with it :)
More for my 'promise' now, a little bit of Fires in Winter.

I woke up screaming. Either my dream was real or fake. I felt a sense of pure, concentrated fear melt through my body. I thought it must be true. Must be. Margo left with some other alliance members. The day before, news came through that she was missing, and then I had the dream.
“Ellen? What’s up? Bad dream?” Bonnie Smith turned over in the bunk below me to get a clearer view of my face and smiled enthusiastically. “Don’t worry. Smile. It was only a dream, okay?” I nodded, but turned away to stare at the ceiling.
It wasn’t a dream. It can’t have been. Margo’s dead.
Margo is dead.
The one woman I thought of as a Mum, or maybe a Gran, was dead. She’d been shot by who looked like a ten year old girl, but couldn’t be, because she said they had worked together, and Margo was fifty-something.
So many questions were flying through my head. Nothing made sense.
But it was a dream. It can’t have been real.
But it was.
I was at war with myself. I turned back onto my front and eventually fell back to sleep, a deep, dreamless, peaceful sleep. No murders.

This is my first draft. I don't usually look back on my writing until I've finished. I know that sounds weird and a bit stupid, but I have to wait at least a week so I have a fresh head before I look back on it, or I just glance over silly mistakes.

*Also, the 'man' in the bottom left of my project is actually my friend with her hair up. It was a bit of a fail ;)

Might review a book tomorrow :)

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  1. I like the new faces you added, and the one in the lower right corner really helps pull the bottom row together.

    It's not stupid or weird at all. Many people do that. If they didn't, no writing would ever get done, or editing for that matter.