Friday, 1 April 2011

It's f-f-f-friday!

It's Friday! Yay! Not that I hate school - I love school! - But Fridays are always good :) Here's some more of my old novel, continuing from yesterday.

“How many children are there?” I asked, for I had noticed the plural.
“Ten?” My voice was a little strained. How could a fourteen year old girl cope with ten children? It seemed impossible at the time.
“Yes. There’s John, he’s your age, he should be able to cope. Then there’s Mary and Laura, who are both ten. And there’s Laurie, Eleanor and Hattie, all nine. Grace and Ben, eight. Small at five and tiny Tara at two.” I was gaping at this time, and closed my mouth as soon as I remembered how to.
“Sorry, Small?” The name confused me.
“Yes. He does not know his name. Or his parents. We took him in. He goes by the name Small, and likes it well enough. You’re observant.” I blushed. “Come with me. One of the servants will look after this man and help fix his carriage.” She added, noticing me glance at the other man who had followed her up the hill, confused. I followed her, willing to see my new home.

I gasped as soon as we entered the hall. It was the first room after the huge, flowered garden and tremendous double doors stood at the entrance. Two servants, or workers of some sort, opened them. This hall I found myself stood in was huge, with a polished floor, paintings on the whitewashed walls and carpeted stairs that led up to a walkway which several children were stood on. I counted. Then again. Smiling to myself. There were definitely ten of them. I stood nervously, then noticed the plaque on the wall next to me, which read;

Farthingale Manor, an awarded home for the mental.

New plan. Ditch the 'Unseen' novel, or keep hold of it and leave it till later, and work on this one and Fires in Winter for now. Hows your Friday coming along? Been eating a banana, I seem to have an overwhelming addiction to them at the moment.

By the way, do any of you writers know of any blogfests coming up that I could join in with? Damn, I need to post some of my art, haven't in ages. Might do that later...


  1. Your second part starting with 'I gasped...' as quite a few mistakes, but I'm sure you'd catch them if you read back through it so I won't spell them out for you.

    Your plan sounds good though I would suggest keeping hold of it instead of just ditching.

    Try here for blogfests. There aren't so many in April because of the A-Z Challenge many bloggers are participating in.

  2. Ah, yes. Ooops ;)

    Thanks for the link!