Monday, 7 March 2011

Character Development: Fires in Winter

So, I thought I'd just discuss the characters I am slowly creating in my mind for my novel, because I need to sort out all their personal plots and background. But here you have it anyway.

Ellen Henley (MC)
Ellen is a teenage girl who's lived with Margo all her life. She is eager to become part of the 'Alliance' but then discovers that Margo, her 'Mum' was dead. She then meets her 'Guardian', who tells her all about her powers and what side she must choose to fight in the coming Second Alliance War. She will play a part in this larger than she expects.

Bonnie Smith
Bonnie is Ellen's friend, who is very protective over her, but does not analyse her feelings well and often hurts her feelings without knowing it. Bonnie has a small family who have all been in the Alliance. Her Grandparents fought in the first Alliance War as she is planning to do for the Second. She has fighting spirit and, although she appears as a kind, sensible person, in battle she is a whirlwind of destruction.

Margo Headly
Ellen's 'Mum', who's life gets taken at the beginning of the novel, comes back later on. All shall be revealed...^-^

Milly Johnson
Is the girl at the beginning of the novel who kills Margo. She is very protective and secretive, and I'm not exactly sure of her background yet, but she has a cold character. Her youth comes in later as well.

Charles Pince
Ellen's Guardian. He is very protective over Ellen, more than Bonnie, and is strangely intimidating. He has a really mysterious past and is not necessarily human. Madness, yes.

That's all I have so far. It's going to be a lot more complex than that and more characters are forming in my brain right now, so...

Question: What's the best method for you of creating characters history, background and personality?

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