Tuesday, 29 March 2011

R.E. coursework sucks.

Hellooo blogsphere. Hey, I'm getting into this now! Anyway, read the title and you can probably guess what I'm doing^^

The church bells chimed, signalling midnight. But I wasn’t ready to go home. Not yet. He smiled at me, making my heart pound mercilessly and grabbed my hand. He started to run, pulling me behind him, until I caught up pace and ran next to him. 


The E stares at me from the page. I check the front, just to make sure I didn’t have someone else’s paper. No, it definitely says Taiven Winters. Well, I’m sure some of the other girls must have got E’s, or worse. Suddenly I’m not so sure, they all seem to be hugging and rejoicing. I sigh, and put my paper into my bag, where I don’t have to look at it. I have enough to deal with at the moment, without Aunty Liz giving me a lecture about effort, revision, and anything else she can pick a fault with. 

I wish I hadn’t had to move here. I came from a big city, where I had lived all my life. I had had the choice of about 50 schools there, but here, where there was just the one secondary school, I had to like it or lump it. Everybody had grown up together here, but I was an outsider, and nobody tried to hide it, apart from Aunty Liz.

Well, that is what I have written today. I'm not sure whether to somehow morph it into one of my current manuscripts or start another, but this is my promise to you:
I shall write something, and post it here everyday.
Well, every day I can. Maybe every two days. 
And I'll tag these posts with 'promise'.

OOH! Question for you writers out there. Are you doing Script Frenzy? I might. Not sure yet. Off to learn about Hindu worship now. Fun fun fun? Nope.


  1. It's good that you've dedicated yourself to writing everyday. I try to do that but then my brain decides to launch into moods and... yeah.

    I'm not doing Script Frenzy because scripts aren't really my thing, but I am doing NaPoWriMo.

  2. OooO you wanna join our experiment? :D That's great news! I shall add you to the list :) Will you be posting your stories up here, or emailing them? Either is fine.

  3. Brooke -hmm, I'm still not sure. My whole 'promise' AND the chrysalis experiment AND script frenzy would be too much to handle, so probably not. Poems aren't really my thing to be honest :)

    Trisha -I'll post them here:)